Video Podcast 2: Department of Mass Communication “Tour”

There was such potential for this podcast, but I just don’t think we had what we needed.  The goal for the video was for it to be a quick tour of the department, which we achieved.  Quality did suffer, however.  It was nearly impossible to keep the camera steady.  We attempted to use a tripod as a counter weight, in order to make the whole thing stay steadier.  It didn’t help much.  Perhaps an XL1 with the shoulder pad would’ve been better, or maybe there’s a cart somewhere that would do the job.  I may have to look into this a bit more.

Anyway, that’s enough rambling about this podcast.  As opposed to being in class tomorrow, I’ll be attempting to help with cleanup in Mapleton, IA, and also attempting to document it.  iPhone with an HD camera and my Canon 50D ought to do the trick.

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