Video Podcasting

Video podcasting has its uses.  In my podcast, I talked to Jake Sandvick, president of SMAC, about what’s going on in Eppley in the month of April.  It was short and simple, and I could definitely see SMAC doing something like that every month if they wanted to.  I don’t think a lot of students see that side of campus very often, and it would give the music department a little more publicity–one of SMAC’s goals.

Video podcasting would be the best way to send a message like that.  Where else could the music department get that kind of publicity and get two or three minutes of uninterrupted time to say whatever they want?  Perhaps I could have sat down with Jake during a basketball game half-time.  But that’s about it.  Video podcasting gave me a lot of control over the finished product and, if this were posted somewhere on Morningside’s website, I think it would be a great way to give students a heads-up about what’s going on.

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