Video Podcast = Epic Fail

The assignment for the week is to make a video podcast and embed it in this post.  Bright side, to embed will be a breeze thanks to YouTube!  Downside, filming and editing is NOT my specialty.  It’s hard to motivate yourself when you don’t get the purpose.

I don’t understand the purpose of Podcasts.  Why should I, an average person, make a podcast?  It was very difficult to think of something to do a podcast of, not to mention filming a podcast solo proved to be quite the adventure.  Getting lighting to work at all was quite a feat on my location.

I was not a fan of this project.  I think Video Podcasts are useful when they are done by the right people, like Kerrang using them to do interviews with bands.

My editing endeavor was a fiasco. I’ll be taking a Muligan on that one later today.  Nothing would work properly.  Granted, the equipment in the Editing Suites now is different than what I learned on.  I think that is important because it caused a lot of frustration in my morning. I’m not illiterate in video editing, but I’m a novice.  For me to “enjoy” doing Video Podcasts I would have to use a handheld camcorder and iMovie. Using the fancy camera with all the fixings made it way to much.

Here’s a video embedded to show I can do that, but my Video Podcast is temporarily out of commission but shall appear at a later date.  I did upload a Podcast at least. 🙂

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