Social Media Minute

The Bystander and I sat in our local Production Room – thanks to KMSC for letting us use the space.  We contemplated, what shall we talk about?  Then we realized a common interest in the way social media has played out in consideration to Egypt.

Neither myself nor The Bystander have a problem talking…in fact some would say it’s hard to get a word in edgewise with us sometimes.  I think we shared the air time very well considering this.

Recording a podcast was not the most difficult thing we’ve ever done.  It was a short amount of time in the Production Room in order to record our voices, and then The Bystander worked hard off a flash drive and his MacBookPro to create our final project.  (Good job on the production quality!)  Overall, podcasts are quite useful when done properly, but also severely overused.

Actually uploading the podcast was the most difficult part.  I kept getting an error saying I couldn’t upload that file type for security purposes.  After some alterations, all is well now!  Here it is: Social Media Minute

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