The Facebook effect.

We’ve all been there. It’s 10pm on a school night. Tomorrow there is a 15 page paper due. You’re on…Facebook.

The worst part? You’re not even really doing anything. You’ve just posted a status update like ‘Grr…tomorrow is going to suck!’ and now you’re just waiting for people to comment on it or ‘like’ it. You’re literally staring at your computer screen doing nothing.

Suddenly you realize how little you’re accomplishing and snap out of it, as if you’d been in a trance. What’s next? Let’s see who is online! Maybe it’s no one you really want to talk to but out of boredom (hey, anything to stave off writing your paper) you strike up a conversation with that ‘friend’ you only know from a class you had together three years ago and haven’t really heard from in awhile. After stalking his page you realize he’s living in California now so you ask him about it. Much to your dismay, he says he has to get going.

By now your status update has started to garner some serious attention. You know that at any moment, someone will either like or comment on your status. The anticipation builds.

Finally you see the little red notification with a ‘1’ inside of it to denote you have something on your wall. A bite! Yes! Let’s see what it is.

…Karen has invited you to play Farmville!

Eventually, at 3am, you get bored enough to start work on your paper. You have experienced the Facebook effect. It has stolen your free time. At least you were right, though. Tomorrow will most likely suck.


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