The Wonderful World of Tagging…more useful than it might appear?

I think that tagging posts definitely serves a purpose.  It’s not an earth-shaking technology by any means, but I think it serves to let readers interact with content in different ways.  Let’s say you’re reading a blog on an interesting topic, or perhaps the blog just mentions a topic in passing.  You want to know more.  You want to hear what other people on other blogs are saying about this topic.  Sure, you could put those terms in Google and get some results that way.  But tagging gives readers the convenience of being able to click on the tag term and being directed to a list of articles on that topic.  Also, if you’re looking specifically for other blogs on a topic, a Google search is probably going to give you a lot of results that aren’t blogs.  You’ll then have to spend time sifting through them.  Instead, if you click on a tag, you know that you’ll only be seeing articles from within the blogging community (which could be either a good or a bad thing).

In addition, if we wanted to make our Capstone blog a little more interesting and user-friendly, we could add a widget on the home page that would include a list of tags used in this blog, perhaps with each one sized differently according to its prevalence or importance.

So like I said in the beginning, I don’t think that tagging (in the blogging context) is something incredibly revolutionary.  It’s a simple, common-sense technology that gives readers a little bit more functionality.  If you’re blogging, though, this is definitely useful for the reasons I listed.

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