midterm, schmidterm

What about the midterm?

It seems that in a class designed to make us combine and apply everything we’ve learned in our long (but sometimes much longer) college careers, a debate about important current topics could be a good way to test. However, how would a debate be graded? Based on who reigns triumphant? Who decides that?

I think presenting on a topic as a group would be better, because it takes out the subjectivity of grading a debate. Not that I think I can have any say about the difficulty of grading various things, but I think we can all agree that grading a debate is more like judging a competition. Still, what can we present on that would cover enough to be an adequate midterm? Does that even matter here? Are we just trying to fill the class period or are we actually trying to come up with a suitable midterm?

What if we all, individually, had to read something different (a news story, for example) and present on it?

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