Ok… So I have seen what a few people have written and it’s interesting.  Some people don’t want a midterm at all and think we should just have a long paper and others think that we should have a discussion.  These are both decent ideas.  I’ll be honest.  I’m not the best writer in the world.  The idea of having a midterm with a shorter paper at the end of the semester is nice.  But I agree when we say that it is gonna be hard to grade a discussion.  So I’ve been thinking.

What if each student came up with an essay question relating somehow to the topics in class that would be screened by Doc, to make sure that they aren’t all the same.  This demonstrates that we have to have an idea of what we are talking about and that we know the material we learned in class.  Then the day of the midterm we come into class and Doc would read out a question for us to answer.  Each of us would write a 5-8 sentence answer for the question on a piece of paper.  We would then talk for a few minutes about it as a class.  We would do this for each question.  We would turn in our piece of paper to Doc at the end of class.  This gives Doc something physical to grade but he would also be paying attention to participation during the discussion.  Our grade would be based both on the discussion and the short answers to our own questions.  Just a thought.

The other idea I had was watching social network and then writing about how this movie has connected with our class so far.

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