A Show of Knowledge

Reflecting on this idea of a Midterm for class, I like the idea of having some sort of a group presentation where 3 of us are experts on various topics we’ve talked about thus far in class.  One group can talk about our feelings on privacy, another RSS, one for Wikis, one about photos and their danger.  Topics like that.  I like the idea of something verbal opposed to answering questions.  I feel like I learn more from discussions.

As I contemplate the future of our semester, I wonder if the Midterm could be related to our final paper.  I know that the expectations for this paper are pretty high.  Afterall, it is the last paper most of us need for graduation and helps us to obtain our writing proficciency.  I think one valuable idea for a midterm would be to require or prospectus to be done and turned in.  This way we would have already given our papers some serious thought and started working on them.  I think that this allows us a jump start on that project, but allows us to build on the aspects that we’re most interested in from the semester thus far.

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