A Photo is Worth 1,000 Words

This weeks task:  to upload a photo to somewhere.  I uploaded some photos to Facebook from the Avenged Sevenfold concert last week, but I didn’t feel like explaining those….they are concert photos…I took them because I like the bands enough said!

But here are some photos from Spanish classes last semester. 🙂

Juan Pablo Ardilla

Tres Leches Cake

This is Juan Pablo Ardilla.  He lives near the third floor of Lewis Hall, and acts as the class mascot.  He often posed in front of the windows to give us something new to look at and was quite the conversation piece.  All that this proves is it doesn’t take much to distract a classroom full of kids.  This photo was taken and uploaded to FB all during class one day via a cell phone.  Technology really is everywhere.

This cake was what we ate to celebrate Mexico’s Independence.  I would like to take time to note that it was baked by a classmate’s Grandma and was absolutely delicious.  It’s a Tres leches cake which I strongly urge all to try.  Once again the photo was taken in class with a cell phone and later uploaded via that same cell phone.

I’d like to point out that maybe Doc is onto something when he says that electronics are starting to rule our lives.  Maybe we do depend on things a little too often.  In class we discuss how careful one must be of photos that are posted, but often the photos aren’t even taken by the person in them.  I think we need to realize that and accept that if you don’t want a poor photo taken and posted online, maybe you shouldn’t do anything incriminating to begin with.  If you are truly concerned about which photos will appear of you online, you need to consider all of your actions.  You can’t just blame the photographer that uploaded the photo if you were the one acting that way.

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