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So doing the wikipedia update was not so bad.  I was hard trying to find stuff to change or update.  And it seemed really complicated to try and create a new page so I just update six pages.  I really really really love the show NCIS and I was trying to think of something to update.  I typed in NCIS to wikipedia and I just start surfing through all the info that they have on the show.  As I was looking I noticed that they have the episodes listed for every show but they don’t have the Special Features from the DVDs listed for any of them.  So I figured that it might be interesting to add that to the pages of each season of NCIS.

So I went to each page of the different seasons and I clicked edit.  From there I scrolled down to where I wanted to add my information.  I looked at the way the title for the other sections in the topics were done and copied that.  Then I just typed in the info that I wanted to add and hit save.  Now If I had wanted to add color or something I knew that it would take a lot more looking around.  But I figured simple was good.  It would take a lot of work to create a page without exploring how the others pages looked for people who are not computer geeks.

To view the changes I made click the links below

NCIS Season 1NCIS Season 2NCIS Season 3NCIS Season 4NCIS Season 5

NCIS Season 6

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