Uh Oh. Found a “fun” wiki!



I found the liberal blog……uh oh. Before I get into that I want to talk about my experience with wiki’s in general. I thought there would certainly be many more wiki’s online than I originally discovered. What I found out is that wiki’s turned out to be like blogs, even though I searched for them on a massive site like Google is, many wikipedias are locked up and are unable to view unless you are a member of the wiki site itself. I thought there would be a wiki for everything, and I am sure there still is, but the problem is finding them online. Certainly I want to get online now and make a wiki for everything because people will most certainly read them. Doc told us all that wiki’s in general are more accurate than most news cites or real encyclopedias. The wikis tend to lead to an open market place of ideas and issues are more clearly spelled out than in the academic way we have to read them in books. Who reads books anymore anyways? While we have all this technology we have already reviewed in class people certainly are not using it to their full potential. And I really don’t see RSS or wiki’s taking off anytime soon.


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