The Collegian Reporter now has a wiki article!!

For this weeks assignment we were required to contribute to a wiki. My first attempt was to sabotage by actually putting up some factual information. Funny thing about that right-wing nut-job website, they don’t allow you to edit, or create a user account. You can only read their lie filled propaganda. So now that I got that out of my system, on to the actual assignment.

After hours spent trying to think of something that I consider myself to be an ‘expert’ in, I noticed that the Collegian Reporter didn’t have a wiki article. Since KMSC has an article I thought I would be doing the newspaper a favor by creating an article. My thoughts are that if the newspaper has an article, maybe potential students will look at it and decide to get involved with the paper, even if they aren’t Mass Comm majors. Creating a whole new wiki article wasn’t as easy as just editing a pre-existing page, but I’m glad I did it. I kinda feel like a computer geek right now. Way better than the technological idiot I usually feel like. I love the help tabs that you can find almost anywhere online now-a-days and began there with a tutorial about editing, formatting, links, references, and etiquette (to only name a few) and then began the process of adding the page. If you go to the Morningside College wiki page and look at the first paragraph under ‘Campus Life’ you will notice that the Collegian Reporter is in red. This means that my contribution needs to be reviewed before it can actually become an article. I think it would be pretty cool it that happens but it won’t hurt my feelings if it doesn’t. Maybe I will suggest it to Ross and he can create one. Either way this assignment was time consuming but not really that hard. I could have chosen a less time consuming process, but all in all I think the point is to see how easy it is to post to wikis (except right-wing, nut-job sites).

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