Wiki whaa?! I win. :)

So, as I sat in class today, I was CONVINCED I could change the KMSC Fusion 93 Wikipedia page.  I uploaded the photo, so I now feel much better!  After several times of trial and error, I discovered how to fix this!

Now, you can see KMSC’s beautiful logo on Wikipedia here.  I must say that I feel accomplished because it was quite the feat for me.  I had to create a wikipedia account first.  Then, you have to upload the logo to “WikiMedia Commons” in order to create a usable link to add into the edit feature of the KMSC page.  I sure feel acomplished now since at the start of class none of us knew how to add/update a photo to Wikipedia.  It wasn’t as hard as one thinks, but the key is you need to google how to do it, use a different forum, and then follo the instructions.  I tried searching via Wikipedia directly, but that was ineffective for me.  I suggest everybody try to learn adding a photo, because it is not the easiest thing to do, but can be beneficial.

I did edit a bit of the information on the page as well, just to give KMSC a little more credit on all they do.

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