RSS supposedly easier? I don’t think so.

So downloaded my first RSS aggregator and thought I was on the road to making the internet super highway with increased speed limits and unlimited information. Well its either the aggregator I chose, i had my hopes up entirely too high, or I don’t know how to use the darn thing. I have decided it is a combination of all three. The aggregator I chose is NewsFire. I chose it after reading about it through google and the fact that it was one of the only aggregators compatible with Macs. It has a combination of reviews on new products and news from outlets around the world including bbc. I thought well this is pretty cool. I just downloaded the system and it already has 400 things for me to read about. Thats 400 less pages I have to search out on the internet. The notification meter continued to go up and it was driving me crazy because the icon kept flashing and bouncing around the screen so I thought, hmmmm what can I do to fix this. I saw an icon that said mark all items as read and suddenly POOF all the notifications pooped off my screen and disappeared. So I thought it’s ok I will just wait patiently for more news items to pop in to the aggregator, I mean they were showing up at 3 news stories a minute before I lost everything.


It has now been 3 days and I haven’t received anything at all. Nothing. I think the principle of an aggregator is a beautiful thing if you can fine tune it to just stories you want to hear about. But then you could be missing out on other information because you are relying on this program to make the decisions for you. I don’t like it. I would rather take the time out of my day to find articles and areas of knowledge that I care about on my own. I feel that I can make a better judgement as to what is useful and not useful. The information on the aggregator in terms of reviews was interesting but it made me just want to get back on the browser and search it myself. Call me stubborn but the RSS stuff just makes me anxious.

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