RSS. Really Simple…

RSS feeds are fairly simple.  For me at least.

An RSS Aggregator.  Simple.  Safari and Mail are both aggregators.  I also downloaded Shrook from the Mac Apps Store.  I’ve gotta say, Mail seemed to be the simplest to use.

Blogs.  Easy enough.  Any site that has an RSS feed worked for this assignment.  Which nowadays, is pretty much any site.  For instance any WordPress page.

Tracking blogs for a week.  Not quite so easy.  I found myself just going to the sites and checking out the headlines there instead of launching another program just to read my headlines.  Safari was open anyway.

Anyway, my thoughts on RSS.  It’s OK I guess.  I just found it easier to click on the webpage since Safari was open anyway.  Maybe if I used Mail for my email.  You can have it show up right in your Inbox then.  I guess that method works pretty well.

The blogs I read had to do largely with technology, though I did also subscribe to The CR, the Sioux City Journal, and a couple others.  I guess I thought these two articles were kinda interesting.

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