RSS Feeds- Not as cool as I first thought.

This weeks assignment was to download an aggregator and then find web sites to follow.  chose to download the RSS feed add-on for Mozilla Firefox. Firefox is the browser I use, and since technology and I don’t always get along, I wanted something that would be easy for me to operate. When we first set these feeds up in class I kept thinking that it would be like my facebook news feed. I thought there would just be a bunch of websites that I choose all on one page that I could scroll through and pick what I wanted to read. This is not the way it worked out. Instead when I clicked on the RSS icon in the address bar of the website I wanted, I was asked to add it to a bookmark folder. I created a folder called feeds so I could find it easily. This little folder shows up on the toolbar under my address bar. When I click on it a full menu of all the feeds I’ve subscribed to drops down. When I move the mouse over any of the feeds a menu automatically pops up with all the latest headlines for each website. So much for the news feed like facebook. Turns out all I get are a list of headlines and sometimes headlines make the story sound way more interesting than it actually is. When I click on a headline it takes me to the website and the story. At first I thought this RSS thing was going to be cool and I was going to love it. Turns out I don’t love it I think its aggravating and now I want to figure out how to remove it from my browser. Its much easier just to go to my chosen website, at least those contain pictures that may draw my attention more than a text only headline. Maybe a different RSS aggregator would have been a better choice. Maybe RSS just isn’t as cool as I thought it was. Either way, I’m not impressed and after this week have no intention of using this thing ever again. I’ll just go to the website.

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