RSS…is it worth using something new?

The task for the last week has been to use an RSS aggregator in order to gain new information.  On first try I downloaded Flock – which is actually a pretty sweet web browser more than an RSS aggregator.  It makes it so you can use Facebook and other social media sites WAY too easy though, so I took a Mulligan.  On the second try I decided to use RSSOwl…mostly because I like owls – they are a wise creature so this can’t steer me wrong, right?

It’s not hard to use, it was more difficult to pick 10 things with RSS to follow.  I did learn quite a few things from using this.  It had its perks…I’ve been able to keep up on what’s happening in Egypt thanks to the New York Times and CNN.  One article I found interesting can be found here.  It’s an important article because it shows how it’s not just Egypt having problems…it’s going to be important to see how things fan out.

I decided to also pick a fun website to follow.  I picked a blog entitled “For the Love of Cooking.”  I love to cook myself, so I thought maybe I’d learn something interesting from this.  I found a pretty interesting entry on how to make baked onion rings.  Follow this link to check it out!

Overall, this RSS thing isn’t too bad, but I’d rather have it in my Mozilla Firefox than have to open another application to read it.  I’m all for using RSS within my browser to keep updated, but I just don’t want to check another thing every day.

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