Blogging…. May future business be in the form of blogs?

I did a lot of blogging last semester in Fundamentals of Journalism. It helped me keep up with the news and then put my thoughts down. It’s amazing how good it makes you feel to actually write stuff down and think about what exactly is in your head and it all makes so much more sense. I think this class will make us appreciate all the different types of media that are out there and what we all can do to make sense of it all. having an open forum for everyone to share their thoughts without fear is very important to getting real ideas and conversations going. Also having a blog site should make us all a little more intelligent than a classroom discussion because we have to edit and read what we write. I also could see a shift from the weekly conference room meeting and just making employees blog from time to time throughout the week. It would make everyone more productive and throw things out there that they might not have the chance to say in a crowded room.


About checo44

I live in Sioux City and love everything Denver.
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