The Headache of Blogging

I became a little Melodramatic when it came to try and figure out this whole registering and not being able to use my old word press site.  It was kinda annoying but I figured it all out in the end.  I think that sometimes technology doesn’t explain things enough.  I think that creators just expect you to know how to use the information but not everyone knows how to use it.  That can be really frustrating especially for people who have learning disabilities.  I need to be able to see the instructions.  So overall this was kind of an annoying process but other than that it was fine in the end because I know how to use the blog.

Chapter 2 was an interesting chapter.  I knew that using the internet meant putting my information out and a little more easily accessible to the public.  What I didn’t know was that now information is collected so quickly and that it is collected without consent.  In the reading it talked about crawlers that dig deep into the internet to find information and that thought to me is scary because it sounds like something that is against the law.

I really don’t look at blogs all that much because it’s all just opinions.  If I want to know someone’s opinion, I’ll ask them.  I would rather get my information from other sources rather than from blogs.

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