Video podcast 2

The second assignment for a video podcast was much easier and more fun. Jen and I met up at the event center and recorded this podcast with her digital camera. The assignment was to do a video that could be loaded on the Mass Comm department website, so we decided to talk about internship since they are required for a major in the department. My favorite part of this assignment was that I didn’t have to be on camera at all. I did all the behind the scenes work ūüôā

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Video podcast

For our first video podcast assignment we were required to use good equipment so that we got good video and audio quality. I was not happy about this assignment at all. I don’t like being on camera for numerous reasons and you can tell in the podcast that I’m pissed about it. Loading this video into the blog was not to hard, although I didn’t load it as to not have it duplicated here.

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Audio Podcast

Doing an audio podcast was easier than I thought it would be. I teamed up with Corrine and Sean and we just recorded in the production room. We decided that the one thing we could all talk about was politics so we discussed the potential republican candidates to run against Obama in the 2012 election. Sean did the editing and loaded it up into the blog. All audio podcasts are kinda fun.

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Podcast 2

This week we took on low tech video podcasting.  I took on the wide world of mass comm practicums

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Come Work for the CR!

This is our introduction to what The Collegian Reporter is, what we do, and why you might want to work there. It was pretty simple; Corinne and I just had a discussion in the editing suite.

I think the shotgun mic worked really well for this project. I feel that the lavaliers might have given us slightly better audio, but the shotgun worked fine and was easy to set up (after we replaced the battery…). I made some cuts (since we actually talked for more like 4 or 5 minutes), but I think I hid them well enough with the cuts to other footage. Corinne and I also talked to the camera, instead of to each other (like Jake and I did in my last podcast), since we felt that it would do a better job of engaging the audience in this case.

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Video Podcast 2: Department of Mass Communication “Tour”

There was such potential for this podcast, but I just don’t think we had what we needed. ¬†The goal for the video was for it to be a quick tour of the department, which we achieved. ¬†Quality did suffer, however. ¬†It was nearly impossible to keep the camera steady. ¬†We attempted to use a tripod as a counter weight, in order to make the whole thing stay steadier. ¬†It didn’t help much. ¬†Perhaps an XL1 with the shoulder pad would’ve been better, or maybe there’s a cart somewhere that would do the job. ¬†I may have to look into this a bit more.

Anyway, that’s enough rambling about this podcast. ¬†As opposed to being in class tomorrow, I’ll be attempting to help with cleanup in Mapleton, IA, and also attempting to document it. ¬†iPhone with an HD camera and my Canon 50D ought to do the trick.

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Podcasts – The True Purpose

Okay, I don’t HATE podcasts, I just hate the way we were told to film and upload the first one.¬† It defeats the purpose of a podcast to use professional grade stuff.

This one was filmed with a Samsung handheld camera and edited in iMovie on my laptop.¬† It was nice, easy, simple..the way a podcast should be.¬† There weren’t a zillion things to go wrong when using the computer to input from a tape since I used a memory card and a card reader instead.

We were honestly considering recording and uploading the entire assignment form my BlackBerry Torch…it would have proved the point that technology is intertwined at our finger tips, but I thought this may have a slightly higher quality.¬† My partner isn’t a huge fan of being on film, but having an extra hand to run the camera really did help!¬† Here it goes:

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